Our annual Mobile Music School training day took place this year, on August 31st in the Grand Hotel in Malahide! Each year, we hold a training day for all our tutors and team members, both experienced and new. Our training day is so important for us, as it ensures that we start the year off on the right foot, and that all our tutors are fully prepared for the jam-packed year ahead!

Mobile Music School- Our Tutors

Behind every successful music workshop or programme is our dedicated team of professional tutors. Driven to inspire students’ passion for music, our trusted tutors ensure each music lesson is delivered in a child-centered manner. Each tutor is highly experienced in working with large class groups, taking the pressure of teaching music off teachers.

To this end, it is extremely important that our tutors- both returning and new- are fully trained, to deliver our usual high standard of music programmes. Considering this, our training day was split into different sections.

Mobile Music School Training Day- What was involved?

Firstly we reviewed the previous year, and considered what worked well, and what didn’t. Secondly, we then went into warm ups. Each tutor present delivered a warm up exercise or activity, that they usually deliver in classes or workshops, giving each tutor the opportunity to share their skills with one another. Thirdly, we then moved on to look at the structure of a class, and what makes an effective class structure.

Then, we delved into percussion! MMS Managing Director Shay covered the percussion section, going through all the elements that make up our highly effective percussion workshops. The MMS was actually developed with percussion in mind, so our Let’s Drum workshops have been honed and perfected over the last decade! Shay demonstrated all the elements of our Let’s Drum workshops to the tutors. Following this, each tutor got to develop their percussion skills across all the various percussion instruments!

Following on from a short break, we then delved into classroom management. MMS tutor Sophie discussed effective classroom management strategies, to ensure all of our classroom workshops and programmes are delivered to an extremely high standard. MMS tutor Karen then delivered a section on classroom differentiation. This is extremely important, as it ensures students of all learning styles and capabilities learn to their full potential.


We ended the day on a section on communications and housekeeping, and equipped our tutors with all the resources they will need to deliver our high quality music programmes throughout the year!


We are delighted to be back for another year of delivering our music workshops and programmes nationwide. Further, we are super excited to work with our amazing team of MMS tutors!


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