Here at the Mobile Music School, we are experts in all things concerning music for primary schools! This year, we debuted the brand new ‘Primary School Singalong’ in association with Draiocht.

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with Draiocht to produce our ‘PLAYground Orchestra project’. The orchestra was made up of all the top freelance talent in Ireland. This includes the top string, woodwind, brass and percussion players. The project has taken place from late November through to mid-December, for the last few years.

The Primary School Singalong- What was involved?

This year, our collaboration with Draiocht and the PLAYground Orchestra was a little different! The plan was to bring 480 children together from 4 different schools, and teach them a range of songs that culminated in a live performance! The amazing Dave McGauran went into the schools for 6 weeks, and taught the children a repertoire of songs. Dave worked on correct vocal technique and exercises with the children. He then taught them a range of songs that they would later perform in the Draiocht. On the final day of the classes, Dave was joined by Susan McFadden, to finalise the songs. We had two live shows in the Draiocht, where the Playground Orchestra Orchestra accompanied the children singing the songs they had learnt. Susan McFadden also sang with the children, and performed solo for the audience as well. The children sang a range of songs, including everything from Taylor Swift to ABBA.

The entire performance for both shows was absolutely amazing! There were even some members in the audience who were brought to tears! The children were fantastic, and all of their hard work with Dave and Susan absolutely paid off. The shows really reminded us why we do what we do, and the importance of music for primary schools!

Well done to all involved in this amazing production!


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