Interactive Concerts for Children


Experienced at producing concerts and entertainment, our ensembles have performed for thousands of children in a variety of settings, including schools, libraries, events and concert halls.

Recent highlights include bringing a 30-piece orchestra into 35 schools in Dublin 15, performing each year at the Toddler Take Over event in Draíocht, bringing our 2-piece Trad Sessions production into libraries for Culture Night and into schools for Seachtain na Gaeilge along with letting our 5 piece brass band entertain children outdoors in school yards during Covid.

Productions for 2023/ 24 include A Family Christmas SingAlong – which involves producing and performing a series of 4 concerts with our friends in Draíocht, A Song Project, which sess us teach a set of songs to 480 children, which culminates in the children singing along to a 30 piece orchestra and SongFest – an interactive singalong type concert we’ll be bringing to schools throughout Dublin and beyond

We work on behalf of schools, arts centres and organisations, libraries and event planners. Please contact us to arrange a call to find out what we can do for you and your event.

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Engaging Interactive Concerts

Our amazing bands will bring energy, fun and engagement to any event. They are the perfect way to get all ages up and moving throughout your event.

Our bands infuse energy, fun, and engagement into any event, making them perfect for all ages. Whether it's a library, youth centre, school, community event, or any other venue, our ensembles provide entertainment and an educational experience for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

All of our ensembles play music that's both familiar and beloved. The audience will have plenty of opportunities to sing and clap along while enjoying the enchanting sounds created by our talented musicians.

Our interactive concerts are not just events; they are catalysts for inspiration, igniting a creative passion that can last a lifetime.

All of our ensembles play music that you’ll know and love. They’re plenty of opportunities to sing and clap while enjoying the sounds these amazing musicians make.

Our performances are interactive events that are a blast for everyone involved. They act as a source of inspiration, igniting a creative passion that could span a lifetime!

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PLAYground Orchestra

A 30-piece ensemble


An interactive singalong concert


5 piece brass band


Our Interactive String Quartet


2 piece Duo

Around the World

Our 4-piece band plays music from different parts of the world



We have an ensemble to suit all settings, venue sizes and budgets

Memorable Experience

Described by many as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” the concerts we produce prove to be memorable experiences.

Professional Musicians

Our ensembles are made up of the best musicians in Ireland.


Due to our experience and approach our team can create a production or concert series that meets your brief.

Mobile Music School Playground Orchestra 2021

In the challenging year of 2021, amidst the backdrop of homeschooling and the COVID-19 pandemic, Mobile Music School proudly introduced the PLAYground Orchestra initiative. This groundbreaking project brought the magic of music directly to the hearts of 7,000 students across Dublin.

We transformed schoolyards into unconventional concert venues, where a 29-piece orchestra played alongside children, creating a one-of-a-kind musical experience. Over 12 extraordinary days leading up to Christmas, this project exposed children to a diverse range of instruments, sounds, and musical genres, all thanks to the exceptional talents of our top-tier orchestral musicians.

PLAYground Orchestra not only introduced kids to the wonder of live orchestral music but also nurtured a deeper appreciation for aural literacy, critical thinking, and local creative expression. It stood as a testament to the enduring power of music and community, defying the challenges of the times and creating unforgettable memories for the young generation.

We got a nice welcome from the conductor of the orchestra. He talked us through all of the different instruments and sections of the orchestra. The children really enjoyed it.

Jack KirkTeacher, St Francis Xavier NS

It was just fantastic. An amazing opportunity. So many children don’t get the opportunity to see orchestras anymore.

Geraldine ConlanVice Principal, St Patrick’s NS, Diswellstown

It was amazing, and when we all had to put our hands up in the air, it was even better. I never experienced anything like that before.

4th Class PupilDublin 15

Music is an important subject in our school and thanks to the Mobile Music School all of our children can read music notation and attained a high level of musical and aural awareness.

Siobhán Ní DhúillPrincipal, Gaelscoil an Bhradáin Feasa

The opportunity to see, handle and play a variety of music instruments was wonderful and they learned a lot from the experience.

Valarie MonaghanPrincipal, Scoil Chiaráin

It was just fantastic. An amazing opportunity. So many children don’t get the opportunity to see orchestras anymore.

Geraldine ConlanVice Principal, St Patrick’s NS, Diswellstown

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