Our PLAYGROUND orchestra project is back! This project was a hugely successful music for primary schools programme, that we completed in December. This programme saw us bring a 29 piece orchestra plus a singer and a conductor to twelve schools in Dublin 15 in association with our projects partners, Draíocht. It proved to be such a success that we are back again! Delivering two live performances a day across ten schools in Dublin 15, and an extra performance in the Draíocht, we are delighted to be back!

Where did the project come from?

This magical project developed on from a project that we first worked on with Draíocht in December 2020, to develop music for primary schools. The original project involved three musicians going into a school yard in St Francis Xavier School in Dublin 15. During these days, the musicians performed for the pupils during their lunch break! From there the original project, PLAY developed. To summarize, PLAY involved an ensemble of 5 musicians or a quintet. This group of musicians performed for the children during their lunch break in their school yard! The project we did in December consisted of Christmas songs, and added a great festive atmosphere to the schools!

What are we doing this time around?

This time around, we have a brand new repertoire of songs! These fabulous songs include the 20th Century Fox Fanfare, The Harry Potter tune, The Simpsons theme tune, and a Disco Medley!

We typically perform twice – one performance is aimed at the children in junior infants through to second class, and the other performance is aimed at children in third class through to sixth class! This enables us to have an appropriate level of differentiation for the different age groups!

Each performance will be outdoors, proving to be Covid friendly! The musicians will perform out in the yard- weather dependent of course! We have a 25 piece orchestra, with a singer and a conductor. We are really glad to have the opportunity to bring the PLAYground Orchestra project back to the schools in Dublin 15!


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