Who Are We?

Our trusted and Garda vetted music tutors are driven to inspire every students passion for music


  • Established in 2011

    The Mobile Music School was established in 2011 to offer interactive, educational and fun music programmes in schools that placed each child at the centre of the learning process.

  • Expanded By 2016

    When we started we worked in seven schools and by 2016 we were working in more that 100 schools.

  • Recently…

    In recent times we have developed our model to offer workshops in libraries, youth clubs, at events and in workplaces.

  • Bringing it online

    2019 saw us bringing our programmes online which is a development we are all very excited about.

These developments have seen us work in collaboration with the following organisations


Behind every successful music workshop or programme is our dedicated team of professional tutors & organsiers! Our tutors are experienced in teaching small and big groups of children, young people and adults in a range of settings.

Shay Lally

Managing Director

Shay set the Mobile Music School up in 2011. Prior to the Mobile Music School he worked with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra featuring on many TV productions, radio broadcasts and the Late Late Show. Shay’s instrument is percussion and he loves to give children the opportunity to learn about and play lots of different types of drums

Sharon Johnston

Projects Coordinator

Sharon has been working with the Mobile Music School since 2018 as our Projects Coordinator. Sharon is responsibility is for making sure that we turn up at the right places and at the right. Her positivity radiates throughout the office and down the phone on a daily basis. Sharon is the point of contact for all queries and bookings.

Sohpie O'Carroll

Classroom Music, Ukulele, Recorder & Singing

Sophie has been working with the Mobile Music School since 2017 and delivers our classroom music programmes, recorder classes and music workshops. Feedback on Sophie couldn’t be any better. A highly accomplished classically trained soprano and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy Sophie regularly performs in concerts and recitals!

Karen Barry

Classroom Music & Violin

Karen has been teaching with the Mobile Music School since 2016. Since this time she has proven to be very popular in the schools that she teaches violin and classroom music in. As a creative and professional person Karen is always a great person to bounce idea off when it comes to planning lessons and concerts.

Graeme Bourke


Graeme is his second year teaching piano with the Mobile Music School. He studied jazz piano at Newpark Music Centre, graduating with an honours degree in music performance. He is an active member of the Irish music scene.

Mark O'Connor


Mark is a professional guitarist, composer and music educator. A graduate of BIMM Dublin and the BCFE's famed "Rockschool", Mark has worked in the music education sector since 2015 in both management and teaching capacities Mark likes to focus his music lessons on fun, inclusive learning while aspiring for higher ideals such as authenticity, expression and self-esteem throughout his students' development

Nora Krupp

Classroom Violin

Nora has been a part of the Mobile Music School team since 2017 and teaches classroom violin. Nora is an expert at working with groups of children and developing their skills as musicians and successfully prepares pupils for the Cara awards each year.

Clare Carroll

Projects Assistant, Classroom Music & Singing

Clare is an experienced singing teacher who graduate from BIMM Dublin. Clare’s goal as a teacher is to develop the potential and ability of children, whilst instilling a love of music and performing within them. Clare delivers classroom music and singing programmes and works as our Projects Assistant too.

Alison Daniel

Singing & Musical Theatre

Alison is an experienced singer and music tutor who has been working with the Mobile Music School since 2019. Alison delivers our singing workshops and short singing programmes in schools. Her professionalism and energy help to bring every class to life where develops groups in vocal groups singing all types of cool songs.

Alan Kenna

Guitar & Ukulele

Alan has been teaching guitar with the Mobile Music School since 2018 and has developed a cult following in the schools he works in thru to his good nature and approach to dealing with children not to mention his amazing guitar skills.

Carrie McCollum

Drumming & Percussion, Classroom Music & Singing

Carrie joined the Mobile Music School team in 2019 and delivers our classroom programmes, drumming workshops and afterschool programmes in Cork & Tipperary. Carrie is a graduate of WIT and UCC. Her can do attitude and flexible approach to working in schools means that each of the programmes she delivers are always a big success!

Ben Cooper

Drums & Percussion

Ben has been delivering drumming and percussion workshops for the Mobile Music School since 2017. Ben enjoys getting students thinking about music and rhythm in a whole new way. His goal in every workshop is to guide students with any amount of musical experience (including none!), through the process of preparing and performing a complete piece of music, using an array of percussion instruments from around the world.

Kevin Boushel

Classroom Music & Workshop Facilitator

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James Darcy

Guitar & Ukulele

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We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, experienced and qualified music tutors who enjoy working with and teaching small and large groups of children, teenagers and adults alike. We like people who are team players who have excellent communicaton and interpersonal skills that are fun to work. If you can teach one or more of the disciplines please complete the application form.
  • Classroom Music
  • Classroom Violin
  • Classroom Recorder
  • Classroom Ukulele
  • Singing Workshops
  • Piano Workshops
  • Musical theatre workshops
  • Drumming workshops
  • Group guitar
  • Pre Instrumental
  • Múinteoirí Ceol le Gaeilge
To be considered for our panel please click “Apply Now” and fill out the tutor application form.


Mobile Music School are fully committed to safeguarding the well being of all participants, especially children. We commit to showing respect and understanding for participants’ rights, safety, welfare and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the Mobile Music School and the guidelines contained in our
Child Protection Policy.

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