Welcome to our ‘Secret to Successful Study’ series! In this series, we will discuss strategies and tips for those undergoing exams. In today’s segment of the series, we will discuss how to manage stress and nerves during exam season! With school exams, Junior and Leaving Certificate, and music exams all commencing, this can be a particularly overwhelming time for students. We thought we would share our top tips for avoiding stress and maximizing performance during exams.




Don’t Panic! Whether you feel totally unprepared for exams, or are worried about forgetting important information on exam day, the key is not to panic! The chances are you know a lot more than you think you do. There’s a good chance that something you may have revised the night before the exam will come up on the paper. You still have time, so don’t worry!


Study in Groups.If you and a friend are both unsure of a certain topic, or have different strengths and weaknesses, why not team up? Group studying can be really helpful in clarifying information, and if you missed something in class, someone else may have the notes. You can also quiz each other on exam material to build confidence.


Get enough rest. While it may seem like a good idea to stay up all night revising for the exam, lack of sleep can really affect brain function and can increase stress and anxiety levels. Aim for eight hours a night and try to relax for a few minutes before bed.

Avoid Procrastinating. Leaving your study to the last minute will increase stress. This will also leave you feeling nervous and not confident for the exam. Being under pressure can reduce focus and make you feel overwhelmed, so try to avoid putting off your study until later.


Exercise.   Even if it means a twenty minute walk in the evening, exercise is known to reduce stress and anxiety. It also makes you feel more energized and focused. Similarly, eating well leading up to, and during, exams will help you to focus.


Think Positive! Positive thinking can play a huge role in performance. Self-doubt will only lead to anxiety and stress. Remind yourself that you have studied and prepared for the exam. Believing in yourself and going into the exam with confidence can have a huge impact on your success level!


The Mobile Music School would like to wish the very best of luck to those sitting exams!


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