Music for Schools- Incorporating Music Into Your School Community

The New Year is a great opportunity to evaluate the role of music within your school community. Here at the Mobile music school, we’re passionate about music for schools, and we feel that music within the school community is so important! Considering this, we’ve put together some tips on how to incorporate music into your school community! Perhaps many musical opportunities for students are provided in your school. Further, maybe you could expand the role of music? Ask the following questions about your school;


  1. Firstly, does every student get regular opportunities to engage with music in class?
  2. Secondly, are there extracurricular musical activities available for students?
  3. Thirdly, does music play a role in school events such as assemblies and graduations?


Expanding music in your school community

Here are some brilliant student-centred ideas, if you are interested in expanding the role that music has to play in your school community.


  • School Choir: School choirs provide a fantastic opportunity for students to learn vocal skills and repertoire. They also provide performance opportunities. Choir practice can take place during lunch break once or twice a week or as an after-school activity. The choir can perform at school events, and perhaps at concerts or inter-school competitions. 
  • Ukulele Club: The ukulele is an increasingly popular instrument in schools. The ukulele is relatively inexpensive and is transported easily. A lunchtime ukulele club is a fun way for students to come together and learn new pieces on their instrument. Students can even teach each other their favourite tunes. 
  • Music Lessons: The Mobile Music School provides short and long-term programmes in schools in a variety of disciplines. These classroom-based lessons are fun, interactive and educational. Programmes include Ukulele in the Classroom, Let’s Explore and Let’s Drum. Check out our website at or contact our office here for more information.