Here at the Mobile Music School, we are passionate about music in primary schools, and it’s benefits for students. As a result of this passion, we’ve been delivering high quality music in primary schools since 2011! Since 2011 our fabulous team of music tutors have been teaching music workshops and programmes in primary schools nationwide. However, with the midterm coming up next week, and primary school pupils having a week off from school, our good practice habits can easily slip! Read on for our top tips for keeping up with music practice over the midterm break!


Music in Primary Schools: Our Top Practice Tips

Find a quiet space, dedicated to practice.

Having a set practice space will help pupils to to focus on their music practice without distractions. Try to keep everything needed for practice, such as sheet music, tuners, pencils etc either in this space or close by, to minimize distractions. Further, make this practice space a ‘no phone zone’, and leave other electronics not needed for practice, such as tablets, laptops and computer games in another room.

Set Goals.

Start each practice session with an end goal in mind. This way, pupils can practice smarter, not harder! Instead of aimlessly playing random pieces, having a goal for a practice session brings a sense of clarity and focus. Plus, it also brings a great sense of completion and achievement when the goal for that day is met.

Practice Little and Often.

James Clear, author of the bestseller ‘Atomic Habits’, mentioned in the book that:“If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you’ll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done.” Small practice habits that are implemented with consistency will lead to lasting results, rather than trying to take on too much all at once and then giving up. You will see the fruits of your hard work in time!

Revise what you last covered at the start of each practice session.

Repetition breeds success. By revising what was last covered, it will become clearer and clearer. If anything covered in class or in practice isn’t revised again and again, it can be easily forgotten!

Take notes.

Keep track of your practice by taking notes after each session, on what you need to work on. Worksheets and handouts are really helpful resources and keeping a homework journal can help you to focus on the areas you need to work on.


By implementing these practice tips, pupils can be sure that they are ready to resume their music lessons with excitement after the midterm break!


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