Here at the Mobile Music School, we specialise in primary school music. Considering this, we get asked for tips for teaching music all the time! Many primary school teachers feel inadequate or uncomfortable teaching primary school music, and we feel that this shouldn’t be the case! Read on for our top tips for teaching music- that they didn’t teach you in college!


Top Tips for Teaching Primary School Music

Keep it short and sweet

Think of teaching primary school music as a habit- little and often! Repetition, and short music classes, are great ways to install a musical foundation in children, without overwhelming them.

Expect to make mistakes

To become great at any skill- and teaching music is definitely a skill!- you need to practise, make mistakes and learn from them. As you begin teaching music, you will make many mistakes, and learn what works, and what doesn’t. These mistakes are invaluable in helping you to learn and grow in your teaching.

Use songs that are current and relevant

Don’t be afraid to use modern and contemporary music in your primary school music classes! Many times, primary school teachers feel that they have to use traditional resources, and classical music pieces. However, don’t be afraid to use song choices that are current, and that the children will enjoy. If the children know and like the music that they are doing, they are much more likely to be engaged in what they are doing.

Mix it up!

If something is not working in a music class- don’t be afraid to change it up and try something else! Having a bit of flexibility can really make a music class and impact the learning of the students.

Keep things fun!

The most important part of music education is instilling a lifelong love for music in students. The aim is for students to associate music class with something really fun and enjoyable, so it’s really important to keep classes fun. This will motivate students to stick with their music development for years to come.


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