With summer 2019 kicking off, Primary, Secondary and music schools will soon be closed for the summer break. Worried about losing the skill set you developed this year in your music classes? Read on to find out how you can continue to make progress with your practice during the summer months!




  •  Keep up your practice routine. While it can be tempting to let your practice slide over the summer, regular practice is the key to success as a musician. Aim to keep up the same practice routine you had during the year.


  • Listen to music. Why not explore different genres of music, listening to a couple of new artists every week? Listening to a wide variety of music will help to keep your motivation to practice up, and may even teach you a few new skills!


  • Go to concerts. With so many amazing concert opportunities in Ireland this summer, aim to see a few acts in concert! Watching a band or musician you admire can provide a great source of inspirati0n. Actively being involved in as many musical experiences as you can will have a positive effect on your practice.


  • Technology is your friend. With music schools closing for the summer, you may be concerned about missing your lessons for a few months. Watch YouTube tutorials, download piano apps, listen to podcasts- any online resource is better that nothing!


  • Play with other musicians! Networking with other musicians can be a really beneficial and enjoyable way to learn. If you have more free time over the summer, why not busk with other musicians or aim to play a few local gigs? Any experience will be hugely beneficial to your practice routine and musical goals.




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