Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality music education to our students. As part of our music programmes for primary schools, our experienced music tutors incorporate the Kodaly Method in their lesson plans.


What is the Kodaly Method?

The Kodaly Method is an approach to music education that develops musical skills in children and teaches musical concepts from a young age. This highly renowned method uses folk songs, Curwen hand signs, movable-do, pictures, rhythm symbols and syllables. The Kodaly Method originates from the philosophies of Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodály, and was developed into a method of music education that is now applied all over the world.



Hand signs are extremely useful for young musicians, especially singers, as they help with the visualization process. For example, when playing a musical instrument like the recorder, it is easy to see what our fingers are doing and what notes they are playing. Singing notes, on the other hand, is all internal; the use of Kodaly hand signs is of huge benefit to singers, especially beginners.

This quick, easy and fun-filled game is a great way to practice Kodaly hand-signing with young students!


So-Mi Rock, Paper, Scissors

How to play

-Divide into 2 teams

-2 players face off in a round of rock, paper, scissors

-The winner of the round will decide if they will sing the melody (below), or pass it to their opponent

-If the singer sings correctly, they earn a point for their team

-If the melody is sung incorrectly, the other player has a chance to sing and earn a point

-The team with the most points wins


Mobile Music Programmes for Primary Schools

Here at the Mobile Music School, our experienced and professional music tutors are expert in the delivery of high quality music education. Using the Kodaly Method, our team deliver a wide range of short programmes and classroom music programmes in schools throughout Ireland, including:


‘Percussion in the Classroom’ – drumming lessons for primary schools

‘Recorder in the Classroom’ – recorder lessons for primary schools

‘Violin in the Classroom’ – violin lessons for primary schools

‘Let’s Sing’ – singing lessons for primary schools

‘A Musical Slice’ – musical theatre lessons for primary schools

‘Learn & Explore’ – music lessons that explore the world of music


For more information on these music courses, please visit our Primary School page. To discuss these options in further detail, please contact us.


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