People have often asked us how to warm down a class of excited students after a fun-filled, high-energy music lesson. Last week we took a look at performance techniques and how to encourage students to perform proudly and confidently. This this week we will give some examples on how to warm-down and help children unwind after their music performance.


Our 5 Step Guide to Teaching Music Education – Step 5: How to Warm Down

Warm-down Clapping Game

After the thrill of performing, MMS tutor Sophie does a clapping activity with the students where they concentrate on copying the clapping rhythms and start to wind down from singing.



Breathing Warm-down

To relax the mind and body after performing, MMS tutor Sophie shows the children how to breath slowly and calmly before taking a statue position. This technique is very effective for preparing students for their next school lesson after 30-40 mins or high energy singing and dancing!



And Relax…

To finish our Learn & Explore music lesson, students are given time to place their heads on their desks and completely clear their minds before the next school lesson.


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Our 5 Step Guide to Teaching Music Education – Round-up coming next week!