Welcome to our ‘Secret to Successful Study’ series! In this series, we will discuss strategies and tips for those undergoing exams. In today’s segment of the series, we will discuss the different types of learners. Knowing which learning style you fit into will be really helpful in determining what way is best for you to study.

What are the different learning styles?

Everybody learns and studies a bit differently, and these different ways that we learn are called ‘learning styles’ or ‘learning preferences’. There are four main learning styles:


Visual: Visual learners study more effectively by using videos, graphs and pictures.


Auditory: Auditory learners study more effectively by using audio elements, such as lectures, recordings, and verbalizing lessons.


Read & Write: A Read and Write learner is more successful when studying with textbooks, note taking, and verbalizing lessons.


Kinaesthetic: A Kinaesthetic learner is more successful by trial-and-error, hands-on activities and problem solving.


Most people use a combination of a few of these learning styles, but have one that they prefer.

How can these different learning styles help me to study?


Once you determine which study style you prefer, you can use that style to help you get the most out of your study! If you are a visual learner, using graphs and pictures will really help you to retain information. For those more suited to auditory learning, why not listen to podcasts on your study topic? If you are a read and write style learner, buying new notebooks and pens, and writing out all your study notes will really help you. If you are a kinaesthetic learner, make sure to use examples in your study notes, including real life problem solving.


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Stay Tuned! Part Three of our ‘Secret to Successful Study’ will be coming next week!