Classroom Music programmes run over the course of the school year from 20+ weeks of tuition. We offer a variety of music workshops and lessons to primary schools, ranging from curriculum based classes to instrument projects. Please see the various options outlined below.

We also offer our range of classroom music programmes as Gaeilge. To visit the Gaeilge version of our website, please click here.


Classroom Music

Set on the three core strands of the primary school music curriculum these classes focus on listening and responding, performing, and composing. Encompassing many elements from our short music programmes – ‘Let’s Drum’, ‘Let’s Sing’ and ‘Learn & Explore’ ensures that the world of music is explored in a fun, calm and structured manner. It is a great way for children to learn about a variety of music disciplines that they may never have been exposed to previously.

Over the past number of years we have successfully delivered this programme in many schools across Ireland. Our tried, tested and regularly updated music schemes and lesson plans have been enjoyed by in excess of 4,000 pupils already! We’re sure these classes will be a big hit in your school and will help students develop a big interest in making music.

These classes are beneficial to classroom teachers too as many teachers have commented on how the classes have given them new ideas for their own lessons, which have fostered a renewed sense of confidence teaching music. In addition, the Mobile Music School provides complementary monthly lesson plans to teachers at participating schools to help them with their learning programme.

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Violin in the Classroom

This classroom-based instrumental course enables schools to offer students a weekly violin lesson overseen by a qualified violin teacher.

Pupils are immediately immersed into the music-making process and work in a group environment that radically develops their musical awareness, self-esteem and confidence as musicians and creative thinkers.

During classes students learn how to read notation, perform as part of an ensemble and perform different genres of music from all corners of the world.

Violin in the Classroom gives students a sense of achievement by developing their technical and musical abilities as violinists. This programme also enables schools to form a school orchestra…. if they wish!!

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Recorder in the Classroom

Learning the recorder is a simple and affordable way for schools to introduce students to the world of music and to develop a successful music programme with tangible results.

Recorder in the Classroom enables schools to offer weekly recorder classes taken by a specialist tutor. Through the use of enjoyable music and backing tracks, classes aim to develop the technical and musical abilities of pupils on the recorder, whilst allowing their musical awareness, confidence and self-esteem to develop.

During classes students learn how to read music notation, play as part of a group and perform at school concerts and events.

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Percussion in the Classroom

Percussion in the Classroom is a BIG HIT in schools and sees each class receiving a weekly interactive 30-minute class. Students are taught how to read music notation, play in time, and develop their rhythmical, musical and technical knowledge whilst playing a variety of percussion instruments.

As drums excite every child, our percussion project has proven popular with girls and boys alike. Each student is given the opportunity to perform on their chosen instrument during percussion ensemble performances.

These classes teach children how to read music notation, play in time and play in parts, whereby the class is divided up and each group has its own music to play.

Like all our programmes, these classes intertwine the three core elements of the primary school music curriculum.

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