Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music education programmes and workshops for schools nationwide. Not only do we deliver workshops, short programmes, and classroom music programmes, we provide music resources for primary schools as well.

Our Online Workshops for Schools

Due to the unforeseen circumstances at the moment, our workshops for schools unfortunately had to come to a halt. Access to music resources is limited, due to schools being closed at the minute. Further, many students have not been able to attend music lessons. Further, our classroom music programmes have unfortunately been halted. This means that many students have not been able to avail of high quality music lessons. However, we decided that there must be another way for us to bring our workshops to schools to homes across the country. With this in mind- our online music workshops were born!

Our Learn and Explore Programmes

When it comes to music for schools, the learn and explore programmes deliver a vast array of musical skills. These interactive, fun and activity-based classes aim to enhance each child’s musical awareness and aim to give each child a firm musical foundation.

During classes, students discover that music tells a story. With the help of our professional tutors, they explore the role of the conductor, investigate the importance of percussion, and learn about dynamics, tempo, mood, the beat and rhythm. Students learn and perform songs, compose music using set sounds and play along to music.

Our tutors encourage the children to move to music, express themselves through movement and internalize musical concepts. Children also gain the ability to read music notation, understand the concepts of rhythm, pulse, pitch tone and timbre.

How did we take these programmes online?

We took our learn and explore programmes online using the video call app Zoom. Our fantastic tutor Karen has facilitated many of our online workshops for libraries, schools, and other facilities. Using household items such as plastic bottles, rice, paper, pencils, and saucepans, each participant was immersed into the world of music. Karen adapted our usual learn and explore programme, and made it accessible online, The best part was that these online workshops were accessible for anyone and everyone, and brought so much entertainment to families at home nationwide!

How did the workshops go?

The workshops went absolutely fantastic! Each participant really enjoyed themselves. See below for some feedback Karen received about the workshops:

“Karen was excellent and all of our participants really enjoyed learning something new. It was aimed at just the right level and great fun was had by all.  Karen’s approach was very inclusive and she was clear in her explanations. ”

“Karen was our tutor yesterday for our music workshop.  It was an absolute pleasure to be in this workshop.  She put so much work into every minute of it and kept us all awake and alert throughout.  It was wonderful to see how everyone responded so well and with enthusiasm to everything she taught.  Karen certainly has re-energised me and my interest in music and I bet everyone participating took away something very positive from it.  Many thanks especially to Karen for her work and dedication to her art/craft.”

Interested in booking an online workshop for your school or library? Contact us here.