At the Mobile Music School, all of our music lessons for primary schools involve musical games. Musical games are a fantastic way to incorporate fun and learning into your school day. The following games allow students to work on musical elements like rhythm, pulse, and expression all while enjoying themselves.

Music Lessons for Primary School- Musical Games

Don’t Clap This One Back: This is a call and response game. The teacher claps a simple rhythm, and the students repeat it. However, if the teacher claps Ta Ta Titi Ta (Don’t Clap This One Back) the students don’t clap and instead say ‘Don’t Clap This One Back.’

You can make this more challenging by clapping more complex rhythms.


Opposites: This game is lots of fun. It challenges the student’s brain in a comparable manner to learning an instrument. The students simply do the opposite to what the teacher says. If the teacher asks them to clap, they click and vice versa. Once they have the hang of that, add in the next element. If the teacher asks them to reach (to the sky) they crouch (to the ground) and vice versa. Finally, if the teacher asks them to nod (their heads) they shake (their heads) and vice versa. Take this game slowly at first giving the students plenty of time to react to the instruction that is called out. You can then gradually build up the speed. You could also play a knock-out round.


Musical Statues: A game many students will be familiar with, this is a terrific way to incorporate some movement into the school day. Play an upbeat song or piece of music. When you pause the music, the students must freeze. They must stay as still as a statue until the music resumes. You could play a knock-out round to make this game more challenging.


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