Transition year workshops have countless benefits for schools. They allow students to learn new skills, explore new subjects and areas that they haven’t previously taken part in, and develop self confidence, teamwork and team building skills. Further, transition year workshops open different career possibilities up to students. From taking part in a workshop, student can uncover a hidden talent or ability, which could then open up many doors for them for the future. Our transition year workshops also aim to give students an immersion into the world of music, incorporating activity based learning. We were delighted to be asked to deliver a 4 week block of our Let’s Perform workshops, in Maynooth Post Primary. Beginning next week, MMS tutor Lorna will be facilitating the sessions.

Transition Year Workshops: Let’s Perform

Our fun based Transition Year musical theatre workshop gives students a glimpse into the world of musical theatre, that integrates music with drama and movement. Let’s Perform focuses on instilling personal confidence and self-esteem in students, develops musical skills amongst pupils, and encourages teamwork. Let’s Perform culminates in an end of workshop performance with the students performing a short section from a well-known musical.

Each Workshop Aims to:
  • Firstly, develop self-expression and self-confidence through music, drama and movement
  • Secondly, develop each student’s ability to listen, follow instruction and work as a part of a team
  • Thirdly, give every student the opportunity to perform in a group performance that culminates in bringing all of the material covered and skills developed together

Our 4 Week Sessions in Maynooth Post Primary

MMS tutor Lorna will be facilitating the musical theatre sessions. The school will be putting on a musical in February. Therefore,Lorna will be providing each TY group with a musical theatre masterclass! With 10 groups in total, each class will be fully equipped for their musical, guided by Lorna’s expertise.


For more information on our programmes and workshops, please get in touch here.