Welcome to our ‘Secret to Successful Study’ series! In this series, we will discuss strategies and tips for those undergoing exams. In today’s segment of the series, we will discuss the importance of structure in your study sessions.

Why Should I Structure My Study Sessions?

Having a structure, and set plan, for your study sessions has been proven to benefit students. A structured plan for study can help break down the workload into smaller, more achievable chunks. A set structure will also help students to remain focused while studying and avoid procrastination. A plan will also ensure that students are covering the material they need to.


How Do I Structure My Study Sessions?

Having a structure to your study sessions doesn’t have to be complicated! Follow these simple tips to add some structure to your lessons:


1. Identify what your goals are for each study session and write them down. For more tips on how to set achievable goals, click here


2. Write out a timetable for each study session.


3. Break study session down into short, 50 minute sections. Aim to cover one topic well in each 50 minute slot.


4. Allow time in your timetable for study breaks, even if the break is five minutes.


5. Identify what subjects need the most attention, and make sure each subject is given enough focus.


6. Make study time a part of your routine. If you study at the same times every day, you are more likely to stick to your study routine.


7. Start with difficult subjects first, to avoid putting them off.


8. Organize your study notes! Have a separate folder or binder for each subject, and have the notes organized by chapter.


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Stay Tuned! Part Two of our ‘Secret to Successful Study’ will be coming next week!