Since our establishment in 2011 we have gained lots of experience with groups of all shapes, ages and sizes. People know us as the gang that delivers music workshops and programmes in schools, but we also deliver our workshops in a range of other settings including libraries and at events. We have been involved with many events over the past few years. These events include the Swords Festival, the Festival of Nations, Sea Food Rocks and National Play Day. During 2019 we did a bit of a shuffle at the Mobile Music School. This shuffle included developing some new programmes and reinventing some of our more established programmes. We also created a set of team building workshops. These team building workshops have really taken off, and we were delighted to be invited to Swords Community College on September 2nd for a Team Building Workshop! Read on to learn more.


Team Building Workshops- African Drumming


MMS tutor Niall led the team building workshops on September 2nd. These African drumming workshops aim to enhance each person’s musical and rhythmical ability in a fun, non-pressurized environment. By playing hand drums, learning simple rhythms and creating their own rhythms, participants can learn about rhythm and discover their unique voice and beat. Most importantly, these workshops have a high emphasis on team building, and teamwork.  Our experienced, professional music tutors place a strong emphasis on team-building. Working together as a group creates a calm environment where participants feel comfortable expressing themselves. With these hands-on, active sessions, participants can gain confidence in their own creative ability.

During the team building workshop, the teachers of Swords Community College showed great enthusiasm. Further, they managed to cover a wide range of material, including extensive ear training and instrument technique. We also mixed up the drumming workshops by adding some energetic samba drumming and African drumming styles. Some other basic music notation included minims, crotchets, quavers and semi-quavers and their associated rests. Niall and the staff members had a ball exploring the role of the composer and experimenting with how to create rhythms, which they performed for the entire class group.


The staff in Swords CC enjoyed the day so much that we were delighted to be asked back the following week!


For more information on our Team Building Workshops, contact us here.