Music for Schools: Working with the Mobile Music School

One of the key ingredients to the Mobile Music School’s massive success over the years, is our fantastic team of amazing tutors. Our tutors are the life of our programmes, and we regularly receive amazing feedback from happy clients. Considering this, you may wonder what it’s actually like to work with the Mobile Music School, delivering music for schools nationwide! Read on below for more info on what it’s like working with us!

A Vibrant and Varied Place to Work:

The Mobile Music School offers a wide variety of music programmes for schools. These programmes include ukulele, singing and percussion. We work in primary and secondary schools providing these programmes on both a long and short-term basis. We also deliver one-day workshops and after-school programmes.  Further, we also work in other settings such as libraries and summer camps. Considering this, working with us provides tutors with a varied working environment that is fun and stimulating.

Ongoing Training and Support:

Each year we host a training day at the beginning of the academic year to induct new tutors and to provide continuous professional development. We also have several other meetings throughout the year. In particular, these meetings focus on various educational and musical topics. Tutors also receive ongoing support from our office team, director and curriculum manager. Further, tutors are also provided with lesson plans, and schemes of work.

Reputable and Established Business:

The Mobile Music School was established in 2011. Since then we have worked in hundreds of schools and are frequently asked to return year on year. In addition, we are always welcoming new business along with our returning customers. Further, our business is growing all the time, so there is always a chance to progress.

If you are a qualified music teacher who is interested in working with us we would love to hear from you. Fill out our application form at or contact our office at