Here at the Mobile Music School, we deliver music workshops to schools, libraries, after schools, youthreach centres and events nationwide. Our music workshops bring joy and excitement to all groups, and we’re delighted to announce that our bookings are open for our Easter workshops! Our Easter workshops can be facilitated to libraries, after school services, Easter camps and events. These music workshops can be facilitated during the Easter break.

Our Easter Music Workshops

This year, we are offering both Let’s Explore and Let’s Drum music workshops over the Easter break.


Let’s Drum

One of our most popular music workshops is Let’s Drum. Through games, activities and performing, our drumming workshops allow children to explore the percussion family. Further, these drumming workshops also develop their understanding of rhythm and improve their rhythmical ability. Also, during these workshops, children perform as part of a drumming ensemble.

These sessions also incorporate station learning. Further, they also ensure that each child gets an opportunity to play four instruments. These workshops culminate in a live end-of-workshop performance. This performance combines the different rhythms and activities covered during the sessions.

Let’s Explore

Further, our Let’s Explore workshops are always a huge hit as well! These fun-filled, activity-based music workshops explore the world of music-making in an open and relaxed environment. In addition, together with interactive games and hands-on learning, the children learn new musical skills and explore the world of music together. With every music lesson we deliver, our goal is to fuel students’ creativity with engaging content.


Each workshop lasts an hour and are suitable for primary school aged children. We typically encourage libraries to book in for two sessions – one aimed at younger children and one aimed at older children.

To find out more about these workshops and to make a booking please contact us here.