Our PLAYGROUND orchestra project is back! This project is a hugely successful music project for primary schools. The PLAYground Orchestra programme has been a huge hit across Dublin 15, stressing the importance of primary school music, and exposure to classical musical for children. This programme saw us bring a 29 piece orchestra plus a singer and a conductor to twelve schools in Dublin 15 in association with our projects partners, Draíocht. These performances took place in December 2021, and then again in May 2022. They proved to be such a success that we are back again! Delivering two live performances a day across eight schools in Dublin 15, and three extra performances in the Draíocht, we are delighted to be back!


Primary School Music- Why is the Orchestra Project so important?

Primary school music is an invaluable part of children’s education. Considering this, the benefits of live music should definitely not be overlooked, especially when it comes to pupil’s development. Live music aids children’s development in many different ways.

Firstly, live performances give children the opportunity to be inspired by the magic of music being made in front of them. This wonder can inspire children to develop their own love for music. It can also encourage them to take up playing an instrument themselves. For many of the children who attended our PLAYground Orchestra projects, it was the first time they had seen a live orchestra.

Secondly, live music teaches listening skills. It encourages concentration and active listening in children, two invaluable skills that are crucially important to a child’s development. Listening for changes in the music means children will be engaged and focused on the music. This active listening also increases their attention span as well.

Thirdly, watching live music together is a great bonding experience for children (and adults!). Live music being played is a social experience, and gives children a chance to share the experience with one another. Attending a live music experience helps children to gain a sense of belonging, and fosters a culture of teamwork, and mutual appreciation.


PLAYground Orchestra- What’s involved?

Our orchestra is made up of all the top freelance talent in Ireland. This includes the top string, woodwind, brass and percussion players. Our repertoire is a mix of all different genres of music, from traditional Irish classics, to modern pop songs. We also made sure to include plenty of songs for the students to sing along to. Each day, there will be two live performances in the school, so that all the children will get to enjoy the orchestra!

We can’t wait to get back out on the road with the PLAYground orchestra project. We hope the children in Dublin 15 are just as excited as we are!


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