Primary school music is an extremely important element of children’s education. Including primary school music programmes into our curriculum has a huge array of benefits for students, and helps them to establish a musical foundation they can build upon later in life. In order to ensure a successful primary school music programme, proper planning is required! Over the summer break is an ideal time to start planning for a musical September. The Mobile Music School offers an array of programmes and workshops guaranteed to educate and entertain students. What’s more is all of our programmes are fun, educational and interactive.

Here are three programmes that students of all ages will enjoy;

  1. Let’s Explore: This programme immerses students in the world of music.  It develops all three strands of the primary school music curriculum; performing, listening and composing. Students explore percussion, singing, composing and musical games, amongst many other activities. The students will also perform as a group. This is an ideal programme for giving students an all-round musical experience.
  2. Let’s Drum: This programme allows students to explore the world of percussion. Students will learn to play various percussion instruments as well as learning rhythms and music notation. Further, the students will perform as an ensemble weekly, developing their teamwork skills. This percussion programme is highly enjoyable, and musical games and activities will ensure a fun-filled experience for all involved.
  3. Ukulele: The ukulele is an ideal instrument for the classroom. In this programme, students will learn how to play the ukulele through a range of songs. They will also learn music notation and music theory. Students will love seeing their technical abilities develop. Please note that the Mobile Music School do not provide schools with ukuleles.


For further information or to book any of our programmes, please contact our office here.