The benefits of primary school music in the classroom for children have been well researched. Involvement with music aids creative thinking, improves listening and language skills and reduces stress and anxiety. It also improves coordination and helps with emotional development. As well as that, it’s fun!

Here are three simple ways you can incorporate music into your daily school routine:


  1. Morning Greeting: To welcome your class in the morning, begin the day with the song, ‘Hello, how are you?’

This is a great way to get the class focused and energised. It also helps to build up a vocabulary around emotions, making it a cross-curricular activity with English.



  1. Mindful Minute: After lunch break, help to resettle your class by having a mindful minute. Play the following one-minute classical piece. Ask the students to be silent, close their eyes and take deep breaths in and out through their mouths for the duration of the piece. This exercise helps to create a sense of calm and is a brilliant stress-reliever.



  1. Movement Break: Coming towards the end of the school day, take a movement break. Play the following video and invite students to follow along with the actions. This is a cross-curricular activity with PE as it incorporates dance and movement.

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