Here at the Mobile Music School, we love developing music resources for primary schools, for teachers to use in the classroom. These resources can be used any time of year, but today, we’re going to be focused on preparing for school Christmas concerts. Practice makes perfect, so the earlier you begin preparations, the better. Below are several tips to help you prepare for your class performance.

Music Resources for Primary Schools- Tips for Your Classroom Concert

  1. Pick your song carefully: When deciding on a Christmas song for your class, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, think about the difficulty of the song and if your class will be able to manage it vocally. Secondly, consider the lyrical and thematic content and its suitability for the age group of the class. Finally, try and choose a piece that the students will enjoy and have fun learning.
  2. Learn the song correctly: Rather than just sticking on a recording of the track and getting the students to sing along, learn the song slowly and accurately. Begin by reciting the lyrics. Then teach the song line by line, with the teacher singing the line and the students repeating. Start at a slow tempo and gradually build it up. Don’t feel you need to learn the whole song in one go. You can learn it slowly over several sessions and then put it all together.
  3. Create a practice schedule: Consistency is the key to good practice. Ideally, schedule two or three solid twenty- or thirty-minute practice sessions a week. These sessions should include a good warm-up and focused practice on the song rather than just constantly singing it through. Break the song down into sections and work on a specific section in each session. Discuss the meaning of the song and how best to perform it through facial expressions and actions. Coming closer to the performance, you can run the entire song through and then work on any sections that are causing problems.
  4. Do some trial runs: Before the big performance, do a trial run or two. Perhaps invite another teacher into your class to watch a performance of the song. You could even invite another class to watch you perform. This will help your students to manage any pre-performance nerves and give them an idea of what to expect for the real performance.
  5. Have Fun: Remember to enjoy the performance, smile and have fun!


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