Primary school music can be both fun and educational. Counting songs are a fantastic way to help pupils with their numerical skills. You can incorporate actions into these songs by getting the pupils to count on their fingers along with the song. 

Primary School Music- Fun Counting Songs

One Man Went to Mow: 


This popular counting song features counting forwards and backwards. It has a simple and catchy melody that is repetitive, allowing pupils to focus on the counting aspect. Pupils will also enjoy making the sound effects for the dog!


Five Little Ducks:


This song is a great way to practise subtraction. In each verse, one less duck comes back. This song can also be used as a discussion about animals and nature. 


The Ants Go Marching: 


This song is a little more complex than the previous two. The lyrics are more challenging. Pupils can keep a steady beat by marching on the spot while singing this song and counting the number of ants on their fingers. 


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