Our piano lessons in Rockford Manor and Stratford College are finishing up soon for Christmas. However, we will be back in full swing in the new year. Since September, we have seen tremendous progress from our music students. Mobile Music tutor Ben has been busy with extra music lessons and extended music lessons. Now, we have even more time for fun-filled music education!


Music programmes for schools

Here at the Mobile Music School, we offer piano lessons as part of our extra-curricular programmes for both primary and secondary schools. Ideal for beginners, improvers and advanced performers alike, these music lessons aim to incorporate the musical interests of pupils. Students are given the option to sit grade exams, learn for fun or prepare for a state examination.


Piano Lessons in Rockford Manor

By delivering more weekly piano lessons, Ben has the opportunity to introduce an even more musical techniques to the students.

Ben comments:

“In Rockford Manor I taught an extra day every week for a few weeks. This doubling up of lessons has proven extremely beneficial over a short period of time. It allowed me to reinforce intricate elements of theory and harmony more regularly. Rather than having to start from scratch every week, we gradually build up an understanding in areas such as tendency notes and melodic and minor scales.

The twice-weekly lessons also presented an excellent opportunity to regularly practise sight-reading. This is a skill which can only be improved through a ‘little and often’ practise approach.”


Piano Lessons in Stratford College

With our piano lessons extended, students have time to recap on the material covered in the previous week’s lesson before moving on. Going forward in the new year, our aim will be to strike a balance when covering new material such as reading through the next few bars of a piece, or learning how a new type of scale is constructed.

Ben comments:

“In Stratford, we caught up on lesson time by extending each one by ten minutes. I found this change of pace allowed me to ensure a more thorough comprehension of old and new material.

My preferred lesson structure is to first ensure that students have fully processed the material covered in the previous week’s lesson before moving onto new material.”


Mobile Music School piano lessons


More from the Mobile Music School

To learn more about our piano lessons, please see our Secondary Schools page. If one of our music programmes is of interest to you, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you in further detail.



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