Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering quality music education in primary schools nationwide. However, due to Covid-19, we’ve had to adapt how we run our programmes. Whilst our programmes are still classed as an essential service, not every school has the ability to facilitate an in-person programme. However, we feel so strongly about the benefits of music education, that we’ve devised some online music education in primary schools workshops!  This year, we’ve developed a special set of Online Workshops for Crinniú na nÓg. Read on to learn all about these workshops!

Crinniú na nÓg

Cruinniú na nÓg is Ireland’s national day of free creative activity for children and young people up to 18 years of age. Over the past 3 years it has become a key date in Ireland’s cultural calendar. This is a time for children and young people to be inquisitive and curious, to be inventive and innovative. Further, they also allow students to fulfill a creative ambition or showcase an inner creative talent.


Music Education in Primary Schools- Learn and Explore

This year, we are offering our Learn and Explore workshops. These can be either as Gaeilge, or incorporating Gaeilge, depending on the school’s preference.  As our team is lucky to have facilitators who speak fluent Irish, we could offer “craic agus ceol” workshops.  These workshops are aimed at either children who are currently in primary school or family workshops.

Our workshops include lots of interactive and fun music making games that everybody could participate in from home or school. In addition, each workshop will stick to the theme of Crinniú na nÓg.

Each workshop takes place on Zoom, and is structured to suit a range of age groups or indeed the entire family.

What’s involved?
The workshops includes a set of hands on and fun activities that enable children to explore their creativity as they are immersed into the world of music

How long does the workshop last?
Each workshop lasts 60 minutes



To find out more or make a booking please contact us here.