There are SO many reasons why you should book the Mobile Music School. Having written a long list of the aforementioned reasons we decided to whittle it down to 5.


1- You want to bring music class to life

Regardless of the setting – primary school, secondary school, youth club or YouthReach our range of interactive music programmes bring music to life and immediately immerses every participant into the world of music


2 – The Mobile Music School programmes are fun

Firstly, the Mobile Music School was developed to make music fun! Within our classes we deploy a unique teaching style that ensures every class is interactive, educational and also fun! Our motto is that we want the children to learn without realising that they are learning.


3- We’re great to work with!

In addition to teaching music we bring 10 years of dealing with schools and organizing programmes to the table! This decade of experience has sharpened our organisational skills to what they are today! We’ve excellent communication skills, are good organizers and have excellent interpersonal skills. Further, many schools book us to teach music but ask us back because they like us!


4 – Our Mobile Music School tutors are supported by our curriculum manager

Our curriculum manager offers support to all of our tutors. Our curriculum manager constantly updates and refines our lesson plans and resources as they support our tutors to implement the most effective teaching & learning methods. Further, our curriculum manager helps tutors update their lesson plans, based off of the Irish Primary School Music Curriculum. 


5 – Our programmes are memorable

They say education is everything you remember long after everything you learned is forgotten! Our tutors are constantly stopped by children who attended our workshops in their school. The children always have a big smile and excitedly say hello! 


To find out what we can do in your school drop us a note here to arrange a quick phone call.