What do we actually do in our workshops for schools?

Simply put, we bring music to life in the school we work. We do this by integrating the content of the music curriculum with instruments children and young people want to learn like drums, ukulele and bodhrán. This is the centre of all of our programmes and workshops for schools.


In the process of bringing music to life, we offer a suitable range of programmes for each school type and age group. We ensure there is an appropriate level of differentiation within each class!


We have three main customers – primary schools, secondary schools and what we call “other schools”. Other schools refer to other educational settings outside of primary and secondary schools. These settings include libraries, youth clubs, kids camps, language schools and teacher training events.


Our approach to teaching and learning puts every participant at the centre of the process and ensures that every participant develops tangible skills during every music workshop or music programme!


To see this work in action for your school or setting drop us a note to arrange a quick call