Welcome to our 4th music education series, where we will take an inside look into one of our ‘Recorder in the Classroom’ programmes. As our students know, there is so much more to our fun, interactive and educational music programmes than just learning to play a musical instrument. It is for this reason that we’d like to give you an inside look into all the child-centred activities that make up our classroom music programmes.


Inside ‘Recorder in the Classroom’ – Part 1: Full Music Warm-up

Stretching Warm-up

  • To begin each music lesson, our tutors start a full warm-up routine with some group stretches.
  • Standing up and exercising different parts of the body refreshes students, especially if they’re in between school lessons and haven’t had a break.



Music Warm-up Activity

  • Our 4th class Recorder students love this fast paced warm-up which gets their whole body moving, as well as warming up their attention and concentration before playing music.



Warm up with Lickety Split

  • Our most popular warm-up activity, Lickety Split fully engages each student.
  • We use this fun-filled, interactive song to practise different levels of volume and tempo when singing – some students say it’s their favourite part of the lesson!



Classroom Music Programmes

To find out more about what’s involved in our classroom music programmes, please visit the classroom music page of our website.


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Inside ‘Recorder in the Classroom’ – Part 2: Learning Beyond the Lesson coming next week!