Transition year workshops are fun and engaging activities for students. But how can these drumming workshops set students up for future success? In this blog post, we’ll explore how drumming workshops aid holistic development in students, setting them up for success in all aspects of life!

What useful skills are developed in transition year workshops?

This question is really important, as it determines the benefits for students who engage in drumming workshops. It’s all well and good for students to enjoy themselves, but we can ensure they get more bang for their buck by combining a fun pastime with developing critical skills for development! Here are just some of the amazing benefits of drumming workshops.

1. Gives students the chance to explore new subjects

Many students will have had little to no experience of music performance, different instruments, or even musical understanding. Our drumming workshops allow students to explore the world of percussion that they potentially have never explored before. This in turn can lead students to discover new hobbies and passions they could carry with them for life.

2. Transition year workshops promote team building and teamwork

Students are required to work as a team during our workshops. The social interaction aspects allow students to develop trust in self, others, and the process. Working as an ensemble can forage friendships, and develop a team building element of the workshops. Performing as a percussion ensemble means that students will have to listen to one another, and play as a unit, which will greatly improve their sense of being part of a team, and of unity.

3. Builds self confidence in students

Firstly, learning and developing brand new skills will push students out of their comfort zone. Performing in front of the class can bring students out of their shells, therefore improving their self confidence. Picking up a new skill may also lead students to realize they possess a natural aptitude and talent for it, which can foster and encourage self confidence and high self esteem.

4. Provides stress relief for exam students

Anyone who has ever taken state examinations will be able to testify that they prove to be very stressful! Students can face a lot of stress and pressure when exam time approaches. It has been proven that a hobby or outlet can decrease stress levels, improve performance and overall well being, both physical and mental. The physical and sensory nature of drumming means that it is extra beneficial as a therapeutic outlet.

5. Improves Motor Skills

Drumming workshops can greatly improve students motor skills. Playing the drums means that all four limbs must be co-ordinated to work together, requiring the player to use both sides of their brain simultaneously. Further, playing the drums also improves the body’s muscular co-ordination. Drummers have been scientifically proven to have better control of their motor functions, posses a higher degree of dexterity, and to react quicker.

All in all, drumming workshops are so beneficial for students!

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