Here at the Mobile Music School, we are famous for our drumming workshops! We deliver our drumming workshops to all types of schools, libraries, events and Youthreach centres. Our Youthreach centre workshops are really popular, and keep us busy throughout the year. These workshops aim to combine our goals of introducing students to the world of music, with the aims of Youthreach schools.

Read on to learn more about our workshops for Youthreach Centres!


Youthreach Schools

The Youthreach programme provides two years integrated education, training and work experience for unemployed early school leavers without any qualifications or vocational training who are between 15 and 20 years of age. There is a strong emphasis on personal development, on the core skills or literacy/numeracy, communications and IT, along with a choice of vocational options and a work experience programme (

We’re really passionate about working with young people from all types of backgrounds and experiences. As a result, we developed our Youthreach workshops, and have been delivering our drumming workshops in Youthreach schools nationwide.


Our Drumming Workshops for Youthreach Schools

Our hands on music making workshops introduce young people to the world of music.  These drumming workshops firstly introduce the students to the instruments of the percussion family. Secondly, they explain the role and importance of a drummer in a rock band and highlight how drummers learn rhythms. Further, the activities during the workshop include lots of rhythm work and activities that are designed to improve every participants ability to listen while giving them a platform to develop their creativity. Every workshop culminates in an end of workshop performance of the material covered.

Our workshops typically last 60 minutes and during a session we can accommodate up to 24 students.

We currently have availability during the months of May, June and early July.


For more information on our drumming workshops, why not get in touch here.

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