Here at the Mobile Music School, our ‘Violin in the Classroom’ music programme for primary schools aims to give students a sense of achievement by developing their technical and musical abilities as violinists. As well as improving their musical skills, our students also get the opportunity to learn about the many different cultures from which the songs originate.

Our music students in St. Michael’s Primary School came back after the Christmas break ready to work hard and improve their violin skills. Mobile Music tutor Rebecca has seen a big improvement in their bowing skills as they practice their long bows on each string.

The boys have been working on the song ‘Chinese New Year’ this term. The song is played on the A string and uses one finger on the fingerboard, which is called B. While practicing their new song, the students also enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the traditional cultural celebration. Some of the boys shared some facts that they knew about the Chinese New Year with the class:




  • The Chinese New Year is on the 28th January and it is a very popular festival in China.
  • This Chinese New Year is the year of the Rooster!


In the run up to the midterm break, the group will continue to work on improving their technical abilities on the fingerboard. Rebecca will focus on helping the boys to enhance their bowing skills through long bows at start of each lesson, and then slowly move on to more notes if as the students progress throughout the month.

If you would like more information about our violin lessons for schools, please contact us to discuss these options in further detail.