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Welcome to the second series of our tutor how-to guide to teaching primary school music! This video series will give you an in depth look into our child-centered approach to teaching music education in primary schools. Get to know our professional music tutors, their teaching style, and use our music lesson plans with the children in your classroom.

To begin, we’ll run through a physical warm up that gets the whole class relaxed and ready to go.

Primary School Music – Physical Warm Up

  • Start loosening up by shaking your arms and legs out
  • Rise up on your toes to grow your body and stretch your feet
  • Warm up your fingers by wriggling them in front of you, to the side and all the way up over your head
  • Don’t forget to bend your elbows and roll shoulders back
  • Finish up by slowly stretching your neck, looking side to side, down to the ground and up to the ceiling


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Singing in the Classroom – Series 2, Part 2 coming next week!