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Our music classes in primary schools respond extremely well to the clap, sing, play model. Now that we’ve been introduced to ‘Hot Cross Buns’, we’ll now learn how to incorporate quavers! Remember the notes B, A and G for these following music lessons.


Music Classes in Primary Schools

  • Similar to the music lesson we looked at last week, we’ll be playing ‘Hot Cross Buns’ but paying attention to the third bar this time
  • We’ve added two quavers, which are clapped singing ti, ti, ti, ti, x2
  • Let’s try singing along now, singing me, re, do x2, then do, do, do, do, re, re, re, re, and me, re do again
  • Time to play it on the recorder now!



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Recorder in the Classroom – Series 3, Part 6 coming next week


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