Here at the Mobile Music School, we have a range of different workshops for schools. If you are a secondary school teacher, you may be wondering what workshop would be most suitable for your school.

Read on to learn more about the workshops we offer for second level, and for more information on which workshop may be right for your school!


Workshops for Schools- What workshops do we offer for second level?

‘Let’s Drum’ – Drumming Workshops

These drumming workshops are active, hands-on and interactive sessions that enable students to explore the sounds of the percussion family. With our drumming workshops, secondary school students will get the chance to work in small teams to create rhythms of their own, whilst developing their rhythmical ability and musical techniques.

These workshops are lively and engaging, so are most suitable to take place in the school hall. These workshops are suitable for pupils of all musical abilities. Expect these workshops to be energetic and fast paced!


‘Let’s Sing’- Singing Workshops

These secondary school workshops combine singing, technique and movement. Further, they culminate in a class act, where the class perform an what they have learnt. In these workshops, students learn about posture, breathing, vocal technique and projection. Students also learn how to express themselves through music.  The activities involved in these workshop include techniques and exercises based on popular songs, performing a ‘mash-up’ of current songs, and loads of other exciting warm ups and exercises. Our workshops aim to boost students’ self-esteem and confidence in performing. We also aim to develop their creativity and showmanship in a relaxed, open environment. These workshops are more calm that our Let’s Drum workshops, and while these workshops are suitable for all pupils, we find that music classes in particular seem to really enjoy our Let’s Sing Workshops. Further, groups preparing for graduations or school concerts also get a lot from our Let’s Sing workshops!


‘Let’s Perform’- Musical Theatre Workshops

These musical theatre workshops give students a glimpse into the world of musical theatre. Commencing with team building ice-breaker activities, vocal warm ups and improvisation activities, these workshops are interactive throughout. The group will also learn a section from a song to perform as an ensemble by the end of the session. The focus of these musical theatre workshops is to instill personal confidence and self-esteem in students, to build performance skills, and to improve not only musical ability but also teamwork and interpersonal skills. The workshops finish with an end of session performance. These workshops are highly interactive and energetic, however each section is conducted in a calm, fun and non-pressurized environment. Again, whilst these workshops are suitable for all students, we find they are particularly well received in groups where an interest in music, singing or performing is already present!


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