Our music workshops for language school merge music and English language, to create educational, fun and interactive music sessions. These music sessions can help students to develop their language skills. We believe that when it comes to developing a new language, music training plays a significant role in learning the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of any language. Not only does music strengthen the brain’s neural activation but it also focuses one’s listening skills, resulting in better auditory and memory attention. These advantages have proven to be highly beneficial for students looking to improve their fluency in English. Considering this, why not read on to learn more about our workshops for language schools!


Music Workshops for Language Schools- What are we offering for Summer 2024?

As part of our Music for Language Schools series this summer, we are offering our Let’s Sing and Let’s Drum workshops.

  • Let’s Sing is an interactive singing workshop. These workshops see every group rehearse and learn a mash up of different pop songs. These activity based Language School singing workshops firstly explore the voice through interactive activities. Secondly, they investigate the importance of breathing and posture. Thirdly, they develop each student’s aural awareness and increases their ability to project themselves. Let’s Sing language school workshops incorporate a strong sense of team work, confidence building and positivity. Further, the students will work towards an end of workshop performance through the medium of English.


  • Let’s Drum is a hands-on drumming workshop that appeals to young people of all ages, and culminates in an end of workshop performance of the material covered. These workshops introduce students to the world of drumming, and a range of percussion instruments from different parts of the world. Rhythms and patterns that are commonly heard in African and samba drumming will be covered in these workshops. Further, modern music is also covered in these workshops.


Music Workshops- How do I organise these workshops?

Our workshops take the stress out of organising activities and events for language school groups, as we bring everything to you. All you have to do is fill out our booking form, and leave the rest in our hands!

This summer, we are also offering specialised packages. In these packages, language schools can book us in for weekly slots throughout the summer. This means that all the organisation for events is done for the summer, and that language schools can book us in whilst our dates are still available. Most of our customers book us in regularly after their first booking with us, and by booking us as part of a package, you can cut down on time spent organising and booking activities for your groups- it’s a win-win!


If you are interested in discussing our language school workshops, contact us here.