Here at the Mobile Music School, we spend our entire year delivering music programmes and workshops for schools nationwide. However, these workshops don’t just finish up in June with the school year.  In the summer months, when primary and secondary schools are closed, these music workshops for schools still get to continue! We deliver our workshops to language schools, libraries, events and other similar organisations. This summer, we were delighted to be asked to deliver four weeks of our Let’s Drum workshops in Mackdonald Language Academy, Kilkenny.


Workshops for Schools: Let’s Drum

Let’s Drum is our interactive and hands on drumming workshop. These engaging and exciting drumming workshops incorporate percussion instruments from all over the world. For language schools, libraries and events, the duration of each workshop is 60 minutes. During these 60 minutes, each student gets to play on a variety of percussion instruments, learning various different rhythms and techniques from our tutor. The students build on these techniques throughout the workshop. Further, rhythms and patterns that are commonly heard in African and Samba music are developed with the students. During the workshops, students also develop their ability to listen, their ability to follow instruction, and work as part of a team.

Mackdonald Language Academy

Mackdonald Language Academy is a language school in Kilkenny, which offers English Summer camps for international students. The academy also offer group mini-stay programmes throughout the year. The students not only learn English during these summer camps, but also get an impression on the culture Ireland has to offer- including the music!

MMS tutor Paul was delighted to head to Mackdonald Language Academy, and introduce the students to the world of percussion!  The students developed their rhythm, tempo, call and response and ear training with Paul. Paul also had each group perform as an ensemble, fostering teamwork and bonding between each group. Further, each workshop culminated in a group performance of all the skills learnt! Paul facilitated a total of 6 workshops across four weeks in Mackdonald Language Academy. During these four weeks, Paul worked with different groups of students. We hope each student enjoyed their workshop with Paul!


Interested in booking one of our percussion workshops for the year 2022/23? Why not get in touch here?