Here at the Mobile Music School, we offer an array of various different educational workshops for schools. We believe that educational workshops in schools are of huge importance to student’s overall educational experience.  These workshops are beneficial to pupil’s in numerous ways, for example developing teamwork between students, developing self-confidence and a sense of achievement in students, and giving students the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Our Let’s Explore workshops are one of our most popular workshops at primary school level. Read on to learn more about what they contain!

Educational Workshops For Schools- Let’s Explore

Based on the 3 core strands of the primary school music curriculum, our Let’s Explore workshops immerse children into the world of music. Developed as a pre-instrumental workshop, these workshops aim to give children a solid musical foundation. Students can then build upon this foundation in the future by learning to play a musical instrument. These workshops also include musical games, listening activities, rhythm, percussion instruments, action songs, composition and song singing.

Depending on the tutor who comes to your school, they may choose to lean into some aspects a little more than others. However, overall there is a good balance in the content. These workshops are hugely popular with pupils, due in part to their interactive and fun nature, and always get the class excited about music! Further, primary school teachers can also develop their own music teaching abilities, by learning a set of practical skills, which can be incorporated into their own music lessons.

The workshops aim to:

  • give every child a solid and practical introduction to the world of music, musical terminology and self-expression
  • increase the level of interest and engagement of music as a subject in schools
  • give primary school teachers a set of practical activities and skills that they can incorporate into their own music lessons


Interested in booking a Let’s Explore workshop for your school? Why not get in touch here?