Here at the Mobile Music School, we’re really passionate about delivering high quality workshops for schools. We deliver a range of different workshops for schools, with one of our most popular being our Let’s Explore workshop. We were delighted to have to opportunity to fuse our Let’s Explore workshop with something really exciting- Let’s Explore Science and Music! These workshops were delivered in Drogheda and Ardee Libraries on Saturday the 12th November, with MMS Tutor Karen facilitating the workshops. Read on to learn all about what the workshops consisted of!

Workshops for Schools- Let’s Explore

Based on the 3 core strands of the primary school music curriculum, our Let’s Explore workshops immerse children into the world of music. These music workshops for schools and libraries also aim to give children a solid musical foundation. Students can then build upon this foundation in the future by learning to play a musical instrument. These workshops also include musical games, listening activities, rhythm, percussion instruments, action songs, composition and song singing.

These workshops are hugely popular with children, due in part to their interactive and fun nature, and always get the children excited about music!

Let’s Explore Science and Music

Our Let’s Explore workshops took on a bit of a twist last Saturday! We combined our usual Let’s Explore content mentioned above with an element of exploring the science of music! Children explored the following questions in the workshop; How does sound work? How to produce high and low pitches? Can we find the “invisible” sound waves? In the workshop, children carried out experiments and investigations, and made their own music using body percussion and instruments. This workshop was a part of the Louth Science Festival, and MMS tutor Karen had a blast combining the worlds of science and music with the children in Louth Library!


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