Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality educational workshops for schools.  One of these popular music workshops for schools is our Let’s Explore workshop. In these new for 2020 workshops, students are immersed in a highly energetic, fun-filled music-making session. Like all of our workshops, our Let’s Explore workshops  for schools are hands-on, active sessions that give each child the opportunity to engage and perform throughout the entire workshop. We were delighted to be invited to St Fiachra’s in Beaumount in February, to deliver a set of Let’s Explore workshops. These workshops were led by MMS Music Tutor Clare.

Workshops for Schools: What is Let’s Explore?

‘Let’s Explore’ is a music programme we offer to schools.  During this programme, students explore music in different styles, from all over the world. Available as a one day or three-part workshop these sessions aim to increase every child’s ability, awareness and understanding of the world of music. With themes ranging from ‘African music’ to ‘The Beatles’, students discover during these classes that music tells a story.

With the help of our professional tutors, students explore the role of the conductor and investigate the importance of percussion.  Students also learn about dynamics, tempo, mood, the beat and rhythm.

Further, students learn and perform songs, compose music using set sounds and play along to music. Finally, this music workshop culminates in an end-of-session performance of the songs learnt during the programme.


The workshops in St Fiachra’s JNS

Music tutor Clare led the workshops. The school chose ‘Let’s Explore Africa’ from the selection of workshops. Firstly, this meant that the students learnt all about the traditions and customs of Africa. Secondly, the children learnt about the musical instruments and styles of music originating from Africa. Further, Clare had a selection of African instruments to demonstrate to the children. This proved to be a big hit! The children learnt all about the beat, rhythm, African song, instruments, and African drum patterns. The workshop culminated in  group performance. To conclude, Clare remarked that the group was excellent: dedicated, enthusiastic and a pleasure to teach!

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