Workshops for schools

Our workshops for schools  keep us extremely busy throughout the year! Unfortunately, in this current climate, we’ve all had to adapt to big changes over the last few months! This means that our workshops for schools have unfortunately been interrupted due to these changes. With primary, secondary and music schools closed, music workshops for schools nationwide unfortunately came to a halt. With the country beginning to reopen, the good news is, we’ve been planning our music lessons and programmes for next year, and are really looking forward to coming back with a bang! Today, we’re going to be explaining our Let’s Explore workshops- what they are, what they involve, and why you might be interested! Read on to learn more.

Let’s Explore workshops for schools

Available as a one day or three-part workshop these sessions aim to increase every child’s ability, awareness and understanding of the world of music. With themes ranging from ‘African music’ to ‘The Beatles’, students discover during these classes that music tells a story.

With the help of our professional tutors, students explore the role of the conductor and investigate the importance of percussion.  Students also learn about dynamics, tempo, mood, the beat and rhythm.

Students learn and perform songs, compose music using set sounds and play along to music. This music workshop culminates in an end-of-session performance of the songs learnt during the programme.

Schools who opt for the three days will get one workshop per term. Each classroom teacher will be given a set of  music resources and lesson plans to reinforce the content covered in each workshop. This will prepare the students for the following workshop.

Incorporating story-telling into our interactive and fun lessons, ‘Let’s Explore’ is a must for music in the classroom!

What can children gain from these workshops?

Our Let’s Explore workshops aim to:

  • give every child a solid and practical introduction to the world of music, musical terminology and self-expression
  • increase the level of interest and engagement of music as a subject in schools
  • give primary school teachers a set of practical activities and skills that they can incorporate into their own music lessons

Interested in booking a ‘Let’s Explore’ Workshop for your school? Contact us here.