Our workshops for schools are going outdoors! This June we are giving schools the opportunity to let their pupils have fun drumming in the sun or, in other words, we are offering outdoor drumming workshops to primary schools. What’s more is that our drumming workshops we offer have been enjoyed by thousands and thousands of pupils across Ireland since 2011.


Workshops for schools-How does it all work?

You will book us for a day that your school desires. From there we will assign one of our expert and experienced tutors to come to the school. On the day we will deliver a drumming workshop. Schools are given the option of running the workshops indoors or outdoors – all you need to do is tell us in advance what you’d like us to do.


What’ll happen on the day?

On the day our tutor will arrive and set up in a designated area chosen by the school. Each class will come down for their designated session. Every child will have the use of a percussion instrument for the duration of the workshop. During a standard primary school day we can deliver up to 6 workshops with each workshop lasting 40 minutes.


What’s your availability?

We have availability during the month of June.


Do you have any references?

Check out the testimonials section of our website to see how other schools have described our workshops: https://mobilemusicschool.ie/testimonials/


How much does it cost?

Make an inquiry and tell us how many classes will be taking part and where you’re located. Based on this information we will send you through the best price we can offer. Sometimes our responses end up in spam so in case you don’t see a response coming through check your spam folder!


How do I make an inquiry?

To make an inquiry please contact us here.