Our students in Rush and Lusk ETNS are flying along in their ‘Violin in the Classroom’ programme, with the help of Mobile Music tutor Rebecca.

Each class group has been continuing to build on their playing skills week-on-week. Students have also been broadening their music knowledge by learning about the other instruments in the String Family. Over the past few weeks each class has listened to the cello, viola and double bass; the children love being introduced to new sounds.

2nd class got lots of enjoyment from hearing The Elephant from ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ on double bass. When told to listen carefully and interpret the music, they described the sound as deep and grumpy!

3rd class loved the sound of the cello. They listened to a Coldplay’s song ‘Paradise’ on cello and piano. The whole group were enchanted by the soft sound of the instruments.

4th, 5th and 6th class groups were able to recognise and identify a piece played by a viola soloist and orchestra. The song, ‘Dance of the Knights’, from Romeo and Juliet is also used as the theme music for the popular TV show, The Apprentice.

We look forward to seeing the students progress and improve even more as they prepare for their end-of-programme performance!

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