When it comes to TY workshops and delivering music in secondary schools, the Mobile Music School ensures all TY students are immersed in a highly energetic, fun-filled music-making session. We returned to Piper’s Hill College, Naas on the 20th of September, to run our ever popular ‘Let’s Drum’ workshop. We have been running workshops in Piper’s Hill for years, and we are delighted to be asked back year after year. Our drumming tutor Shay conducted the drumming sessions with three different groups. These three groups did the workshops as Gaeilge, and the day was a great success.


The Workshops

Each group received an 80 minute, hands-on drumming workshop as gaeilge. All three sessions were full of fun and energetic activities. The students learnt about the beat, and developed their sense of rhythm, dynamics and  performance as an ensemble. Mobile Music tutor Shay always ensures that each music session is interactive and engaging, and creates an environment that is relaxing and open for every student to express themselves.


Drumming as Gaeilge

Not only did we deliver drumming workshops, we also fused our passion for music with our love for Gaeilge. The students got to develop a new skill as Gaeilge, in turn developing their Irish language skills, as well as their percussion skills.


Percussion Performances

The drumming workshops were a huge success! Each session culminated in the performance of a piece of drumming music, which fused everything we learnt together – technique, listening skills, counting, instrumentation, rhythms of the world, the beat and dynamic control. Forming an ensemble and performing together gave the students the opportunity to work as a team. The students also really benefited from the team-building element of the workshop. In addition, the energy and enthusiasm from the students made each performance all the more special. The students did a great job!

We really enjoyed our day down in Piper’s Hill and are already looking forward to going back!


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