Irish singer-songwriter and frontman of Dublin-based rock band U2, Bono, believes that “music can change the world because it can change people”. Our team at the Mobile Music School also shares his strong passion for music education and we believe that it plays a significant role in the development of young creative minds. Beyond the technical skills, aside from the musicality and rhythm, music education manifests confidence and self-esteem, empowering children to express themselves in a whole new way.




As a band, U2 have most certainly put their passion for music education into action with their support and funding of the Music Generation Education Programme in Ireland. Music Generation is a national musical initiative that aims to provide music tuition to disadvantaged school children across the country.

U2 feel that music education should be widely available to all, no matter what your background or circumstance may be. With this initiative they have opened up a whole new opportunity for thousands of children to access highly valuable and beneficial music training. With the help of a whopping €5 million donated from the band, and a further €2 million raised by the Ireland Funds, a series of local music, education partnerships, musicians and administrators are all on offer for children nationwide.


The band admits that a programme such as Music Generation would have hugely benefitted them as young musicians. For that reason they are supporting the initiative today and hope to actively shape Ireland’s future ‘music generation’.

Our goal is much the same. The Mobile Music School aim to give children a hands on practical music experience with the best opportunity possible in order to explore and develop their interest in music. For more information on what our interactive workshops and programmes involve, please visit our primary school page or our secondary school page