Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality TY workshops nationwide. Each year we deliver workshops, short programmes, and classroom music programmes to hundreds of schools, libraries, youth centres and language schools nationwide! Each week, out tutors are working hard across the country to provide high quality music education to students. Read on to learn all about our Let’s Drum workshops in CBC Monkstown!

TY Workshops- What is Let’s Drum?

This percussion-based course explores the role of percussion in music from all corners of the world. Each group also investigates the importance of ‘the beat’. This course firstly develops each student’s rhythmical abilities, secondly, teaches students how to read and create music notation and thirdly, gives each student the opportunity to perform each week as part of a classroom percussion ensemble. These interactive and energy-filled classes culminate in an end of programme classroom performance of the performance pieces learned during the course. Our drumming workshops remain one of our most popular TY workshops.


‘Let’s Drum’ – Drumming Workshops in CBC Monkstown

This December, our fantastic music tutor Kevin was invited to CBC Monkstown to deliver a 4 week drumming course. Each week, 4 separate groups received an 80 minute, hands-on drumming workshop each week, full of fun and energetic activities. Mobile Music tutor Kevin always ensures that each music session is interactive and engaging, and creates an environment that is relaxing and open for every student to express themselves.


Percussion Progression

The students actively engaged throughout each class and went from a group of students who had little or no musical skills and knowledge to a group who could perform as part of a drumming ensemble, read music notation, create rhythms and patterns of their own; and take on leadership roles with the group.


TY Workshops – Techniques

With these TY workshops, the students showed great enthusiasm. Further, they managed to cover a wide range of material, including extensive ear training and instrument technique. We also mixed up the drumming workshops by adding some energetic samba drumming and African drumming styles. Some other basic music notation included minims, crotchets, quavers and semi-quavers and their associated rests. Kevin and the students had a ball exploring the role of the composer and experimenting with how to create rhythms, which they performed for the entire class group

Kevin mentioned that the groups have been doing a fantastic job so far- he can’t wait until next week!

For more information on our Let’s Drum programme, contact us here.