When it comes to TY workshops and delivering music in secondary schools, the Mobile Music School ensures all TY students are immersed in a highly energetic, fun-filled music-making session. Whether it’s drumming, singing or musical theatre, we have something to suit every school.


Transition Year students enjoying their ‘Let’s Drum’ TY Workshop in Beneavin College


“Mobile Music School has been an excellent addition to our Transition Year Programme over the past three years. They are one of the first workshops we add to our diary each year. Given how impressed we were with the workshops, school management now book Mobile Music for our school Arts week so other year groups experience these fun & interactive workshops. Katie is fantastic at the Musical Theatre workshop & Ciara is brilliant with the Drumming! All instruments are provided so all students have to do is show up! Definitely one not to be missed!”

Kerri O’Brien – Transition Year Co-ordinator, Beneavin College


TY Workshops – Educational Music Workshops for Schools

The Mobile Music School have worked extensively with Transition Year students and JCSP class groups for initiatives such as arts, culture and friendship week. As well as having a strong musical element, our music workshops for schools simultaneously act as team-building and confidence development workshops.

The aim of our educational workshops for schools is to enable students to find hidden talents and to explore music through a hands-on music session. Our experienced and professional Garda-vetted music tutors actively encourage pupils to work collectively to develop a sense of team within groups.

Upon completion we present each Transition Year coordinator with certification of participation that can be presented to the students during the Transition Year awards ceremony/ graduation night.

The TY workshops we offer include:


‘Let’s Drum’ – Drumming Workshops

These drumming workshops are active, hands-on and interactive sessions that enable students to explore the sounds of the percussion family. With our drumming workshops, transition year students will get the chance to work in small teams to create rhythms of their own, whilst developing their rhythmical ability and musical techniques


‘Let’s Sing’ – Singing Workshops

Our singing workshops encourage students to explore their voice through set activities and songs. These TY workshops are hugely educational to every student, regardless of their singing ability. Our approach to teaching music in secondary schools is to encourage students to project their voice correctly and to speak within a range that is comfortable to them – an important life skill for public speaking and debating.


‘A Musical Slice’ – Musical Theatre Workshops

Our musical theatre workshops recreate a ‘slice’ of a well-known musical through singing, movement and drama. These educational workshops for schools aim to boost students’ self-esteem and confidence in performing, while developing their creativity and showmanship in a relaxed, open environment.


Music in Secondary Schools

To discuss these workshops for schools in further detail, please call us for an informal chat on 01 892 8058 or send your queries to admin@mobilemusicschool.ie . For more information, please see our TY Workshops page.


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