Who doesn’t love a good sing song? Here at the Mobile Music School, our singing workshops are designed to get all students involved in music. Every day we receive queries and bookings for our singing workshops for schools. Like all of our workshops, our singing workshops for schools are hands-on, active sessions that give each child the opportunity to engage and perform throughout the entire workshop.

‘Let’s Sing’- Our Singing Workshops

Titled ‘Let’s Sing’, our singing workshops introduce pupils to importance of breathing effectively, projecting your voice, singing in tune, and listening and develop harmonies.

These workshops combine singing, technique and movement. Further, they culminate in a class act, where the class perform an what they have learnt. In these workshops, students learn about posture, breathing, vocal technique and projection. Students also learn how to express themselves through music. These workshops are also educational for school teachers as they introduce them to a set of skills that they can utilise whilst teaching songs themselves.

In addition to this, we have recently added some changes to these workshops. These changes include techniques and exercises based on popular songs, performing a ‘mash-up’ of current songs, and loads of new exciting warm ups and exercises. Our workshops aim to boost students’ self-esteem and confidence in performing. We also aim to develop their creativity and showmanship in a relaxed, open environment.

Our singing workshops for schools culminate in an end-of-workshop performance of a chosen song. In addition to this, we welcome teachers to suggest a song they would like their class to learn. This has proven to be beneficial to schools and teachers in the run up to school concerts or graduation ceremonies.

What venues do you deliver these workshops in?

We can facilitate these workshops in:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Crèche’s/Montessori’s
  • Libraries
  • Corporate events
  • Team building days
  • Summer/ Easter camps

And many more……..

Interested in finding out more information about these singing workshops? Contact us here.